Voyeur DOS german Patch

The game with the misleading title (it’s about spying at a presidential candidate and his quarreling family to prevent that someone gets killed) was only released in english for the PC. A german version was only released for the CDi. This version has a lot of flaws if you try to run it with a CDi emulator.

I’ve created a patch that merges the english PC version and the german CDi version to a german PC version that can be played with ScummVM. Since a handful of terms are hardcoded in the ScummVM code instead of being read from the game resource files I’ve created a slightly modified ScummVM version as well.

The patch needs the files from the original english PC version disc und the german CDi disc in two sperate folders. The easiest way to copy the files from the CDi disc is to use IsoBuster (free version is sufficient).

Voyeur DOS german Patch
ScummVM for german DOS version

If someone is interested in the tools to copy text and graphics from or to the Voyeur .BLT files or to exchange the audio/backgrounds of the .RL2 videos just contact me.