lead testing

Lead testing just happened to me after a while. I just tried to help, get an overview over the testing of a project and make suggestions how to optimize plans and processes. That evolved into becoming the contact for the QA-manager, producer, localization manager and product manager regarding the testing of a product. And step by step I got involved with the planning (testing plans, managing of internal and external testers).

To work with different departments to make the testing process as smooth and effective as possible while also being helpful to other departments and trying to make the best possible product from the given budget is very motivating to me. It feels much more like being part of the development than just doing testing.

To me it’s important to test at least a part of every new build myself to get an impression. It feels easier that way to define test tasks and to judge if the incoming amount and type of bug reports matches the build. My goal is to always be able to provide exact information about the current state of testing. If the testing progresses as planned, the build meets the predefined requirements, information requested by other departments has been delivered, and so on. So apart from defining test plans and tasks it’s a lot about keeping an eye on the information flow (bugtracker, incoming reports, incoming requests, etc.).