process optimization

I always want to improve the product and other work related aspects. That makes me looking at the whole work process as well as at the details. And as soon as I have an idea I make suggestions.

That could be flowcharts with linked explanations and lists to help new call center agents to handle the different customer problems. Workflow documents for external testers so that they report correctly to the bugtracker right from the start. Automation scripts to test basic controls or localized GUI on numerous mobile devices. A local lead tester in an external test agency to speed up the communication. Consistent terms (project dependent) for gameplay elements and locations so that every tester and programmer immediately knows what someone else is talking about. That an amount of tester shouldn’t test a project at the beginning so that they still have an unbiased view on the project at a later stage and can therefore judge the current state better. Etc.

And of course constantly looking out for new trends and tools that could improve the current work process or make it more effective.