technical customer support

One of the first things I learned is to let the customer describe the problem instead of giving descriptions how the problem possibly look like. Sometimes this may take longer. But not as long as if you finally realize that the customer agreed to a description by mistake just because he was unsure and tried to get a quick solution that way.

Never take things personal. Try to stay objective. I know it won’t make things better if I get emotional outwardly. What happens inside sometimes is a different matter.

It’s a great feeling being able to help someone to solve a problem. That more than makes up for the few bad experiences.

I always feel responsible for the work I do and for the company I work for. For example one of my former employees went into administration. But I still try to help in different forums if someone has a problem with one of the games I was a lead tester for. In the Steam discussion boards sections connected to these games I write as Bakhtosh_nar_Kiranka. And as Bakhtosh in some adventure games related forums.