I have a love-hate relationship with scripting. If there is something I think I can script or program to help with development, support or a process I can’t wait to start. But it often gets frustrating when something should work but it doesn’t. Only to turn into satisfaction when I find out what’s wrong and the script finally works.

My scripting or programming projects are normally small. Writing my own game seems too big of a task to me. But writing scripts for test automation, installers, settings editors, mathematical optimization tasks or tools to extract or convert proprietary files that is something I really like to do. Except for the moments when something doesn’t work of course.

The scipt language I use totally depends on the project since the basic commands only differs in the syntax. But every script/programming language have some unique advantages or target areas. If I want to write a settings tools I use AutoIt (predefined GUI elements). To create an Installer I use Pascal (Inno Setup scripting language). To program a tool to extract/convert proprietary files of old games or to create a modified ScummVM version I use C++ (ScummVM is written in C++). To solve a mathematical optimization problem I use Matlab or GAMS. And to write a Selendroid test automation script I use Java (most Selendroid tutorials are written in Java).